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This sweet, delicious fruit may be small in size but don't let its appearance fool you. A 1997 study (conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey) determined that ounce for ounce the kiwifruit provides the most nutrition value in a fruit! Just how much nutritional value does the Kiwifruit provide? Just one serving (two medium sized kiwifruit = 1 serving) is...

  • An excellent source of vitamin C under FDA definitions, offering 60 milligrams per serving.
  • A good source of dietary fiber, with 4 grams a serving, 16% of the RDA.
  • A good source of potassium, containing more than 10 percent of the recommended dietary intake.
  • A good source of vitamin E, which is extremely hard to find in low-fat food sources.
  • A potent source of antioxidants, containing a wealth of phytonutrients, including: carotenoids, lutein, phenolics, flavonoids and chlorophyll.
  • A remarkably good complement of amino acidsóthe building blocks of protein.
  • Very low in sodium and contains no cholesterol and virtually no fat only about 1 gram per serving from the tiny black seeds.
  • A significant source of folic acid, copper and manganese, all of which are limited in the American diet.
    Who knew something that tastes so good could be that healthy?

Health Benefits
Kiwifruit is low in fat-, sodium-, and cholesterol-free, high in vitamin C and fiber, and a good source of potassium. They are also rich in vitamin E, a phytochemical that helps protect blood cells, muscles, and lung and nerve tissue.

Fun Facts

  • The kiwifruit was originally called Chinese gooseberry. New Zealand promoters realized they were up against the American cold war mentality, so they deleted the reference to what was then a feared country, China, and substituted a reference to the national bird.
  • In 1904 "Yang Tao" (aka kiwifruit) were first exported to the United States.

Selection Tips
Good kiwifruit is plump and oblong, with thin, brown, fuzzy skin. The flesh is emerald-green with tiny edible black seeds; flavor is mild and sweet. Unripe fruit will be firm to the touch; ripe fruit will give to gentle pressure.

The Fresh1 kiwifruit comes is California and Chile and is available year round.

Ripen your kiwifruit at room temperature, and then refrigerate. To ripen kiwifruit quickly, put it in a paper bag with a banana or apple for 24 hours.


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